This website is the documentation of the ongoing research project „Basics.Design“.

The aim of the project is the development of a contemporary „Grundlehre der Gestaltung“. Design Basics relates to all areas of analog, digital, 2d- and 3d Design techniques, addressing universal principals like symmetry, rhythm, interaction, etc..It questions the responsibility, opportunities, and limitation of Design as a discipline and its transformation from a historical but also contemporary sight, in a global context. (How design changes the present & the present forms the design).

The design teaching (Gestaltungslehre) has the task to proactively accompany a changing design understanding as a place of discourse, research, and experimentation.

  • Is there a historical continuity in ideas/ utopias/ methods of design principles?
  • How did different generations looked back on the design teaching methods at famous schools like Bauhaus Universty, Hfg Ulm, Black Mountain College?
  • How does a contemporary „Design Basics“ shapes itself?
  • In which relation to we teach theory and practice?
  • Is this dualism contemporary at all?


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